Wednesday, December 28, 2011

14444 Page Views and Hall of Fame/Shame

All right, all right... I log in today and see my blog had 14444 page views.  Whoa!  That's a lot of views.  I am not that frequent blogger, so if i do the math and divide these views on 3 years approximately, it comes to be around 13 views per day. 

So, what's going on for those who follow/view this blog?  Well, although I can't tell you all of my secrets, one thing that is sure is that I have jumped on a bandwagon and painted Des Moines skyline, lol.  Yes, every artist pretty much at some point did Des Moines, our city, and I am now either in a Hall of Fame, or Hall of Shame, not sure.. 

So, here are the two pics, inspiration pic and art pic, so you can see how it happened.  My reference inspiration pic was on my iPhone, and that's how I painted it.  Held my iPhone to view the tiny image, and kind of enlarged and stylized in my own way.  You can't say technology and art don't mix well, because yeah, they do.

Next, I took this image of finished art and posting here.  Not the sharpest pic, but hey, it was taken with a phone.  Let me know how you use technology in production of your art, or anything else you are doing.


Inspiration pic

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


On a recent art show in Perry, i was charged with demonstrating acrylic painting.  This is a result of two days in the show, plus preparation before I went there.  The thick texture was applied and dry before I started this demonstration.

One thing I have noticed demonstrating is nice, but it lets you pay less attention to the visitors of your booth.  I was in the bad mood during the show since I was in a somewhat crunched up space and my demonstration table was pretty much taking the entire space.  But, the art turned out beautiful.  It is my own interpretation of a boat race with colorful sails flowing around. 

 Regatta 3 (20 x 24 each)
Regatta detail


Monday, December 12, 2011

Dwelling in texture

Once again, I said my art is getting a lot better.   After hundreds of pieces created and sold, it is no wonder.  I know my medium as the back of my hand and now we are manipulating that medium even further.  Pushing the acrylic mediums to dazzle and amaze, pushing the texture and sparkle to an extreme.
At this point I feel that I am past the point of experimentation with glass and other additives to paint, I have finally learned how it behaves and what it will do.  Not that the result is always predictable, but I approach each new project with much more confidence.

Here is the latest result, artworks that push the textures and mixed media to an extreme.

 Aquarium 12 x 12 (SOLD)

Trepidation 6 x 6

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Art - A Collection

I am working on an eclectic collection of small paintings for a client of mine.  The idea is to create a collection that seems acquired over time.  Here are some of the new artworks that go into this collection.  Let me know how you like these new pieces.  Thanks!

Small Forest 2 (6 x 6 each)
Basketball 2 (5 x 5 each)
Continental Divide 2 (6 x 6 each)
River 5 (6 x 6 each)