Thursday, June 30, 2011

New ending is a new beginning too

New ending, 36 x 60 on linen
New ending 36 x 60 on linen

Title: New ending
Size: 36 x60
Medium: Acrylic on linen, mixed media
Materials used in creation: glass spheres, acrylic mediums, ground white marble, glitter
Price: SOLD

This art is white. The white means a new beginning. There are traces of the past but yet, in every ending there is a beginning.

The canvas that was used in the creation of this art was stolen, ripped and repaired. On the back of the artwork, I wrote: "2 drunk buttheads stole this canvas from my studio gallery 4/23/2011, another man found it by the dumpster the following week, thief was scared, the man took the art home thinking it is nice, but after the news story turned it to West Des Moines police... We fixed the wounds painted anew, the new ending is a new beginning too!"

I hope you enjoy my art. Let me know what you think!

You can also see it at my studio gallery.

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