Saturday, May 7, 2011


Diptych, overall dimensions: 30 x 84 inches

Seen at indirect light

Size: 30 x 84 inches on cotton canvas, framed

Medium: acrylic and organic glass media

Price: SOLD

The new artwork titled Moonlight has a soothing quality of neutrals and moon-like silver shimmer dispersed with organic media: sticks, glass nuggets and small spheres. My new artistic direction consists of a lot of experimentation with glass and the reason is this: When I create a nice piece of art, and if you turn off the lights, the art is dead with everything else. However, glass is able to capitalize at any small, indirect source of light and creates a completely new refreshing feeling in the room. Instead of always having to have lights pointed at artwork, we can now enjoy it with limited light streaming from a neighboring room.

This art is only available at Art by Magic studio gallery. SOLD

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