Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wall Clocks

The gallery where I worked for 15 months is closing. We unfortunately were not sustainable. The feeling is bitter-sweet. For one, I have loved that gallery that was very much my creation, but on the other hand I grew tired of working for nothing. Therefore, I am looking forward to the next chapter in my career when I am going to reflect and analyze on the past 2 years of art making, and hopefully start exploring different avenues for not only type of product but also different distribution possibilities.

One important part of this growth was opening my Etsy Store, where I can now list items to be available to online purchasers. Not everything gets listed there, but many items do get listed and available to the International Etsy audience. Recently I have made an exclusive series of 12 wall clocks, and they are kind of interesting and artsy at the same time. You can see the new Clock collection at my online store, and I've posted a few examples here as well.

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